Animal Face Carmel

Animal Face – CARMEL

The joint was well rolled; a small filter, with the company insignia printed on it, incorporated neatly into the paper. A narrow, long 0.5g doobie, one of the best I have seen. I toasted it as I usually do, hearing the paper crackle and immediately noting earthy, gassy tones. I sparked it up, and I knew I was in for a treat. The first two hits were surprisingly pleasant, warm and comforting

The flavour was very smooth, yet gassy, and there was a certain aroma I couldn’t quite figure out that engulfed the air as soon as the smoke rose. The paper burned perfectly, and I was soon feeling the familiar euphoric waves gently rock my body.

The next few hits gradually introduced a feeling of floating, though I must note it was very pleasant. I went into this trip in fear of something too overwhelming but this was absolutely perfect. The aroma in the air was not very fruity, but had more subtle notes of pepper…. I still couldn’t quite capture the essence.

The paper burned the weed with ease and I had a strange sense of calm, though my mind was clearly feeling the effects of the flower. The gassy fumes circled above me as I continued to feel the sense of being calm and collected throughout the joint. At certain points, I felt like my mind was floating above me amongst the rising smoke, in a different place than my body. My body itself was very sluggish, and any feeling of pain I felt had evaporated with the first few tokes.

The last few hits of this jay were not at all as harsh as I was expecting. I was very very happy with this product, smiling in euphoric peace as the last few embers went out and I discarded the filter accordingly.

The remainder of the afternoon was extremely enjoyable, and very relaxing. I was able to take a nice long walk after this smoke, although my mind was racing for the first half hour or so.

However, it was a very happy vibe, and I have to stress the lack of paranoia. I was alert and absorbed with my surroundings, but it was a very uplifting high, with no sense of urgency.

Overall, it was a very good purchase for the price. The percentage is fairly high but was very easy to smoke. The flower was definitely good quality, and burned very well from the beginning to the end of the session. Keep in mind it is a 3 pack of 0.5g joints; I will be able to enjoy this on another afternoon sometime soon! 9/10, would buy again! Get your self some here.


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