GLTO Infused Blunt

Do not be fooled by the name of this product, or the sickly sweet flavour that you taste as soon as you light it. This 1g infused GLTO blunt packs a heavy punch…

I was immediately welcomed with strong, sticky notes of ice cream. The blunt burned very well, but it had to be cooked properly before it was completely lit and ready to go. The first few hits had me immediately dazed. This is definitely the type of product enjoyed during your down time, or later in the evening. I felt the more intense effects just before the halfway point.

Breathe… I had to remind myself to stay calm.

The air was pungent with a very strong, fruity odour. The smoke that came off the blunt had a slight bluish hue to it and engulfed the room within the first few minutes. The smell was enticing but a little too sweet for my liking.

The halfway point was literally breathtaking and I had to take a few seconds (which felt like minutes) before resuming. The blunt was definitely harsher at this point, and I felt panicked as I realized I still had half of it to go. Smoking alone is not always the best idea…

I calmed myself down and continued, my mind sharp, my senses heightened. After a few bigger hits, I I took a deep toke and did a French inhale, immediately engaging a neurological response. I decided to really test the waters and did another one, bringing me to tears, my thoughts racing. My mind was overexcited and I could feel a sense of euphoric bliss.

After what seemed like an hour (or more), I got to the end of this infused blunt. With a sigh of relief, I assessed how I felt and immediately noted that my body felt very sluggish. I felt the extreme high very vividly now, and I could hear my heart thudding in anticipation. My eyelids hung low and felt heavier. I was ready to relax and get a good nights sleep.

Overall, this purchase was good. It was a little too strong for my liking, and the flavour was overwhelming at times, but this would be great for someone looking to get really stoned and still enjoy the taste of a gelato ice cream. 8/10, will definitely revisit this product on a day off, or a late evening to unwind.

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